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Shoot 80’s (or 120’s), Talk 70’s, Look 60’s.  Nowhere will you see this personified more accurately than in jewel of Noble County, Indiana- Kendallville in mid-May. Just ask any of our Hyper-elite golfers and they’ll be the first to tell you that being a true Kendallville champion takes much more than some creative score keeping, you must look the part too.  This is the inspiration behind our line of officially licensed merchandise. When speaking with our Italian designer through translation, we described the need for a line that would look as much at home on the beaches of Baghdad as it would sipping a 700 year old scotch while listening to Beethoven’s 5th at the Kendallville pub.  It had to look as good under the prized Garnett blazer as it would behind the sports desk at TKONN.


Available in limited quantities and produced in short runs, gear is available to the patrons and performers alike.  Our first shirt is sewn with the angel fine-like fibers that adorn the foreskin of the goats of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and cut to fit golfers of all proportions. Three buttons on the placard to be used at your discretion to leave as much or as little to the imagination as desired and a button down color so you don’t look like an asshole when you’re ordering your 4th mudslide at the Champions Dinner.


Black in color like the ink that massages the scroll each year of Councilman Dazey’s unscripted remarks, an engraved tKO logo embellishes the space just above where the center of your heart is located. You need this.  And we want you to have this. Settle for everything and do it.


To order, please fill out the form below and someone from our store will get back you and please note, The Kendallville Open assumes no responsibility for the detriment that donning this shirt may have on your committed relationship once the supermodels begin to befriend your shadow.


photo courtesy of © Joshua Griffler 

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