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In the tradition of its namesake, every two years the Ryder Die Cup (RDC) pits the most hyper-elite players from the Kendallville Open against those from the Puffers & Duffers league. A central time zone vs mountain time zone battle for supremacy of America's heartland. Rotating between Chicago and Denver, the third RDC takes place September 15-16, 2023 in Denver.

Using an abbreviated Ryder Cup format, Friday's round will consist of four four-ball matches. The Saturday morning round will consist of four modified alternate shot matches. The Saturday afternoon round will consist of eight singles matches.


Each match is worth one point. The team with the most points come Saturday evening will hoist the Ryder Die Cup. As the defending champions, the Kendallville Open team only need to win 8 points to retain the Cup, while the Puffers & Duffers will need 8.5 points to win it.

The Kendallville Open team will consist of the tKOXV and XVI RDGC  and Bixler winners, plus the four top Bixler finishers over that two tournament span. Team P&D will consist of the top four combined point finishers in P&D (North) 2022 and 2023 season and four captain's picks.


All Ryder Die Cup photos courtesy of © Joshua Griffler 

2021 Ryder Die Cup Champions
The Kendallville Open (10-6)

P&D Flag.png

2021 Ryder Die Cup Rosters

2019 Ryder Die Cup Champions
Puffers & Duffers (9-7)


Past Competitors

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