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The Rainelle Dedicated Golf Coordinator Cup

Mike Robinson
James Harbaugh
Nathan McArdle
Andre Goodreau

Awarded on Saturday evening to the weekend’s low gross golfer, the exclusivity of those lucky
enough to hoist and drink vintage champagne from its reservoir is shorter than a log of those
that have massaged the moon’s dirt with their feet. Win the war to claim and your moniker will be engraved at its base, cementing your place in TKO lore for eternity.

Much like the recipient’s golf game, the trophy itself is a masterpiece. Time and cost were no
object when our forefathers sought to capture the harmony of commissioning a testament and reward worthy of a master of the game whose mettle has been tested for two grueling days each May in the plains of Northeast Indiana.


Akin only to feelings of lifelong admiration, love and commitment that one experiences when
the white veil is first lifted to celebrate matrimony, one glimpse at the RDGC trophy and a
golfer’s eyes will have a new exemplar for superlative beauty.

The elegance of its lines- unique.While the refined and gentle design allow light to be reflected deep into a moonlit Kendallville evening. Hand forged platinum with handles designed destined for a champion’s calloused hands comprise one of the game’s most iconic centerpieces.

Perhaps the only quest more strenuous than earning the right to display this in one’s home for a year was the interview and selection process to award a designer to bring our chairman’s vision to life. Much like Giotto under taking the arduous task of proving his worthiness to create paintings that Pope Boniface VIIII could decorate St Peter’s with by brushing a perfect circle, flawlessness was mandatory and with one glimpse, we’re sure you’ll agree.

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